About the choir

The men’s choir Hvalkjæften’s slogan is:«Singing just for fun». The choir was founded in 1989 and we are 25 men singing a wide repertoire of songs; from Norwegian national romantic songs, to Queen and The Beatles. Our concerts are usually performed in a show-style, always including a humourous aspect.

Hvalkjæften is officially appointed Ambassadors of Sandefjord by the Township of Sandefjord.

We are located in Sandefjord, about 120 kilometres south-west of Oslo. The choir’s name means, translated into English: The Whalejaw.  From 1920 to 1960 Sandefjord was the most important whaling centre in Norway.

Please feel free to contact us: President Svein Greger, e-mail: soagreger@gmail.com